Web Design and Web Site Development Services

Gold Coast Media's web design service is bespoke and designed around you and your business, enabling the Devon web design team to provide you with a high quality web site design service, covering the majority of web based design applications that you may require to make sure your website performs for you.

Your initial consultation with Gold Coast Media covers the initial report for your web site design and construction, with an emphasis on the the key tools and services that your website will need. Your budget constraints and requirements will be covered and you will be provided with an approximate quote for your new website - including the option to spread your payments across a number of months if you would prefer. If you have not already decided on a domain name, we can discuss your options and help you come to a decision on the URL best suited to your site. Gold Coast Media will also provide an analysis of potential additional marketing services that you may require in the future.


Web Design Services That Work For You

Gold Coast Media provide the services required to build the type of website you need, including static, CMS- and e-commerce-based websites. These services include web design and consultation and modern scripting development technologies to make your website perform and deliver outstanding results for your client-base. You will also be supported by a knowledgeable team who can provide consultancy over a wide range of IT issues.

Gold Coast Media will design and build your website with an emphasis on search engine optimisation, meaning your site will not only perform well in front of potential customers and clients, but it will also rank well in the results pages of the major search engines. If your business needs to create an immediate web impact, why not try for our 'Pay Per Click' services? These services are designed to allow you to operate with the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo in order to provide you with instant access to first page results for your chosen keywords, all within your budget requirements.


Why Gold Coast Media

Gold Coast Media provides you with a number of distinctive features. Primarily, the team at Gold Coast Media puts you, as our client first; it is important to us that your website and the service that you receive perfectly reflects your professional approach to business. Not only do Gold Coast Media offer web design in Devon, but we also operate and own a number of our own high ranking web sites. This provides us with two distinctive attributes: We know how to run standalone businesses and we know the pressures that you face. This allows the Gold Coast Media team to quickly identify and determine the optimal requirements for your website, built upon a vast and extensive knowledge of business management, online web development, technologies and search engine optimisation for small businesses.

The service that Gold Coast Media delivers is mature, developed and refined with proven results. It is the result of years of experience that has been practiced on the world wide web with marked and proven systems that deliver strong and long term results.

By choosing Gold Coast Media, you choose a team that operates with the knowledge that every business operates within constraints, the biggest of which often tends to be a marketing budget. You will always receive advice that puts you first and you will only ever receive a recommendation for a service that we think will create added value for your business business in monetary, service and brand enhancement terms.

If you have a query or project in mind, drop by. The coffee's always on or give us a call on 07530 075454