Devon Website Hosting

A hosting network built to be fast, reliable and hassle-free

In order to provide you with secure, reliable and fast hosting for your website, Gold Coast Media's web/email hosting in Devon is unlike that of most design agencies and developers; our services aren't simply resold from third-parties, Gold Coast Media actually develops, controls and maintains powerful servers in-house. Utilising the very latest proven technologies from the likes of Google and Facebook, the team at Gold Coast Media ensures that your website is hosted on a server that automatically benefits from the best practices in security and speed optimisation.

As Devon Website developers, the Gold Coast Media team knows the importance you put on needing rich yet efficient and quick websites. Recent research shows that 75% of visitors won't return to websites for the sole reason they are slow and unresponsive. For this reason Gold Coast Media has implemented advanced technologies including op-code caching, output filter compression and the ability for parallelisation, query and browser caching and more. Once your website is hosted with Gold Coast Media, speed and performance will be excellent. Providing the freedom for automatic and manual optimisation implementations is very important to the Gold Goast Media Team and we continue to put extra effort and care into the performance of our servers.

Our servers phsically located to cater for the UK and western Europe.


Hosting Features


  • Speed optimisation
  • Immediate support from the Gold Coast Media team, not A machine!
  • Continuous improvements to hosting speeds at no charge
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Secure daily backups
  • Flexible hosting
  • Limitless hosting
  • No set packages or restrictions. Our hosting dynamically caters for each individual website
  • 24/7 website monitoring

No limits, no suprises

We do not impose limits or quotas that can lead to suprise bills due to unforseen events such as high traffic. Our hosting is billed at a fixed yearly rate and we manage our servers to accommodate each individual website. Realistically there is no such thing is 'unlimited' hosting but by managing our network per website we ensure that everything is in place without the need to increase hosting fees.

Secure Daily Backups

Your website will be backed up both manually and automatically to secure local and remote locations. This backup not only includes your website content and images but also all of your email and databases on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Should you ever accidentally delete a file or overwrite your website, Gold Coast Media will have a backup ready and waiting.

Knowing that your data is being securely backed up is extremely important. As our client, you have physical access to your data from our Devon office instantly and you can also take advantage of our email archiving should you accidentally delete an email.

Designed for performance & reliability

Different websites have different demands and our network reflects this. For example we have servers dedicated to e-commerce to meet the more demanding environment they require. This modular approach of providing single services improves security and stops services affecting each other.

Immediate Support

As we run our own websites on the same servers as our clients, we respond immediately to any issues that may crop up. Clients are used to us fixing anything that comes to our immediate attention for free.

Flexible Development

Gold Coast Media uses the very latest web technologies on a secure and stable platform. As web developers, our servers allow us to have a flexible development environment without the restrictions prevalent with many other hosting companies. This leads to quicker development of your website and results in a more efficient website with significantly lower loading times for your visitors. It also means we can make our websites super fast - which we do - and we have full control in fixing any problems that might arise without relying on third-parties.

Call Gold Coast Media now on 07530 075454 for a full web site hosting solution in Devon.

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