Illustration Services for Devon

What is illustration?

There are many explanations as to what illustration is, even with an illustration, it is not always clear! Possibly the most common answers are 'the drawings in a children's picture book' or 'the comics we used to read as kids'. These are both true but, Illustration is so much a bigger a thing and seen in a huge variety of places.

Consider your daily routine, you probably start the day by taking a shower. Next time you have a shower, take a look at the shower gel bottle in your hand. It has probably been illustrated with vibrant yet harmonious coloured mint leaves, mangos or other natural elements. When you make a coffee and pour some cereal, have a look at the containers, the packaging will more than likely have been illustrated, this has moved a long way since the Tony tiger on the Kellogg's Frosted Flakes.

When you leave home and are on your way to work, you will probably pass a number of advertising boards, some will be illustrated! If you are lucky enough to not be going to work that day, you may be heading off on a holiday. When you get on the plane and sit down next to the person you don't wish to sit next to, pick up the pre-flight safety demonstrations no one ever takes any notice of, yes, you guessed it, they are illustrated. This is just an example of where illustration is used and can be seen on a daily basis. Illustration is truly diverse, it is used in the fashion industry, animations and the instruction manual from Ikea.

Hopefully now you know a little more about illustration, so what can we offer you? Well the life of an Illustrator is very similar to that of a web designer, a graphic designer indeed even a builder or plumber. Whatever it is that you need illustrating, then we have the capability to do it!

To date we have produced illustrations for a variety of different media including web illustration and print illustration. This includes icons for an outdoor sports adventure company, maps, pin badges, logos and bespoke drawn illustrations for a children’s art festival.

So whatever you may need, a poster, bi fold brochure, magazine advert, illustrated footer for your existing web page or even a sticker, our designer and illustrators would love to see your brief and visually communicate your message.


Illustration for a notice board Icons illustrated for Active Escapes Follow us icon bespoke designed by Gold Coast Media
Necklace length chart illustrated for Guilty Bangles Splat Arts Festival pin bages and bespoke map illustration Footer design with illustrated icons by Gold Coast Media Christmas card designed for Gold Coast Media Morths Day Card for jewellery company
Social media for illustrating being tied up in knots Team illustrations illustrations of team members at work in limited pallet colours Sketches and digital artworks alongside a mobile view of illustrations

If you have a query or project in mind, drop by. The coffee's always on or give us a call on 07530 075454