Adwords Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a combination of effective web site marketing, market analysis and determining the most effective keywords to use within a given budget. The benefit of 'pay per click' is that it provides your web site with a web presence within your desired area instantaneously.

PPC Overview

  • PPC Campaign Setup
  • PPC Keyword Research
  • PPC Campaign Management
  • PPC Campaign Optimisation
  • PPC Goal Set Up & Analytics Linking
  • Cost Effective Charges

The majority of web sites operate in a niche area, within your niche will be a premium set of keywords against which your site should be optimised and you should determine what these keywords are before beginning to construct your web site. Even when constructed, you can expect a wait of up to six months before the major search engines build sufficient trust to allow your web site to achieve high organic rankings.

The solution is 'pay per click’, primarily through the Google Adwords structure although there are alternatives'. This is Sponsored Advertising within a search engines results pages for specific keywords, displaying your web site. With the web address and a short promotional description to appear against certain search phrases entered by the search engine users.

Pay Per click through Adwords is an effective marketing tool for new web sites and established businesses if constructed and managed well.

There are many pitfalls though and you should seek advice before engaging in a 'pay per click' campaign as these can be extremely expensive and fail to provide a return on investment if they are not managed properly. The main issue is the position desired and the keywords that are chosen. Many small companies spend too much money chasing the hottest keywords in their industry. The result is spending their marketing budget very quickly and failing to achieve the expected return on their investment.

Gold Coast Media is an Adwords Pay Per Click PPC Agency based in Devon and can help you with your pay per click campaign in two ways. We can provide a full pay per click and Adwords agency management service including analysis, setup and reporting service. We will determine the optimal keywords for you to advertise against given their cost. We then create your 'pay per click' account and report to you on a regular basis determining how effective your marketing campaign has been and fine tuning your campaign for the future. The benefit is that you will be utilising our experience to avoid the costly pitfalls that the majority of companies fall into. In fact, this service will generally provide you with a better return on your investment at a lower overall cost in the long run.

The second form of help would be through our 'pay per click' consultancy. We would advise you on the optimal keywords to advertise against, the preferred strategy in terms of pricing and position against these keywords and an estimate of the expected return for your campaign. The initial consultancy fee should then be more than offset by the overall gains of more effective marketing within a given budget allowing you to save money in the long term.

Gold Coast Media has been providing PPC campaign management services for a range of companies in Devon since 2006. Our clients that have benefited from our Adwords campaign management services include Essential Supplies, Grace and Glory, Guilty Bangles and Surf Bay as well as many other established companies in the county for many years. Our clients include retail and ecommerce customers, travel and tourism businesses including holiday parks, holiday cottage agencies, bed and breakfast and other businesses.

Our costs for PPC management are simple, £50 per hour, no contracts that tie you down and full visibility. You choose the budget and you can cease working with us at any time. That ensures that we deliver results for you!

If you would like to discuss a potential 'pay per click' campaign or Adwords management, please call Gold Coast Media on 07530 075454 for an informal discussion.

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