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With Gold Coast Media based in North Devon, you are safe in the knowledge that your website is hosted on a secure server offering maximum possible uptime and complete security with a robust and regular back up procedure.

You have complete access to every system you need to keep your online business running smoothly. This includes remote file access, limit-free email hosting and complete analytics figures to provide you with up to date statistics.

You know what you would like your website to do, and Gold Coast Media know how to do it. With vast and varied knowledge and skills, the Gold Coast Media web development team will recommend and advise you on 'best practice' techniques to help improve visitor to customer conversions.

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Our services

Gold Coast Media's web design service is bespoke and designed around you and your business, enabling the Devon web design team to provide you with a high quality web site design service, covering the majority of web based design applications that you may require to make sure your website performs for you.

Your initial consultation with Gold Coast Media covers the initial report for your web site design and construction, with an emphasis on the the key tools and services that your website will need. Your budget constraints and requirements will be covered and you will be provided with an approximate quote for your new website - including the option to spread your payments across a number of months if you would prefer. If you have not already decided on a domain name, we can discuss your options and help you come to a decision on the URL best suited to your site. Gold Coast Media will also provide an analysis of potential additional marketing services that you may require in the future.