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Our pricing structure is transparent and open. For all bespoke web design, we provide quotes based on your needs and we stick to them. All of our sites are built using OpenSource platforms, this means that we do not retain the copyright to the code of the site, protecting you as a client.

We primarily use Drupal and Magento, through many years of experience, we believe that these two systems are significantly ahead of alternatives for business users in terms of ease of use, security, cost and being fit for purpose.

All sites include the first year’s hosting for free, additional yearly hosting costs are from £150 per year plus vat. They are responsive designs that work with mobile phones, tablets and pcs.

Standard Business Website Options

Foundation Sites From £750+vat

Our Foundation websites are a pre-formatted structure upon which your images, logos and content are inserted. We have several different choices of structure and design allowing for your own customised colour palettes, features, elements and content to be used.

Foundation sites are built in Drupal and are ideal for any non-ecommerce business use. We have foundation sites for holiday cottages, bed and breakfasts, manufacturing, financial services, photographers, pretty much everything really.

The cost covers the basic structure and one year’s free hosting, you can add the content (which is pretty easy) and off you go – if you need help or guidance, we are always happy to help. There are no limits to the number of pages on the site.   Additional services for Foundation Sites are available including on site seo, content writing, custom code and functionality development or anything else that you require.

Why choose a Foundation Site?

The sites are built in Drupal, an OpenSource platform supported by developers all over the world. It is easy to use and scalable, if you want to start off small and low cost, this choice is perfect. You can add almost any functionality to the site that you like over the long term, from booking systems for tourism sites to ecommerce functionality. This is the ideal platform for a small business looking for a basic web site that can grow.

Exclusive Design and Developed Sites From £3000+vat

Our Exclusive sites are 100% bespoke and designed from the ground up for the client. All design work is preceded by in-depth analysis of competitor websites, modern design techniques and full discussions with the client. Whilst the more expensive option, Exclusive sites are just that: completely exclusive and bespoke.

Our designs are based on your requirements, we provide and discuss with you a full design before the build process, giving you the opportunity to adjust, tweak and add to the functionality, branding and style of your web site.

Why Choose an Exclusive Design Site?

Exclusive websites are built in Drupal, they are designed to provide a tailored experience for businesses looking for a specific design style with built-in functionality. Exclusive sites are ideal for businesses that are developed, require custom design and functionality elements built in, with the flexibility to grow.

Ecommerce Website Options

Foundation Drupal Ecommerce Sites from £1500+vat

Our Foundation Drupal ecommerce sites are based on a Foundation Drupal Template with the Drupal commerce platform built in. For Drupal sites with ecommerce, we use the powerful and mature “Commerce” module, which adds functionality to display products, take payments, discount code and process orders alongside all other features expected from an ecommerce platform.

The advantage of using Commerce is that you retain all of the powerful content-building systems that Drupal offers along with the ability to sell your services and products easily.

The Foundation Drupal Ecommerce site gives you a way to get a fully-functioning online shop up and running quickly and easily. You will be able to edit content, add products, manage stock levels and monitor your orders all from one easy-to-use system.

Why Choose a Foundation Drupal Ecommerce Site?

If you are new to ecommerce and want to avoid paying fees on sales through platforms such as Shopify, our Foundation ecommerce sites are perfect for you. Providing you with an opportunity to sell online with the functionality built in from a standard Drupal commerce site. This structure is ideal if you are new to selling online and have a limited budget but would like the benefits and flexibility the Drupal offers, allowing you the opportunity to scale up your business on a trusted platform.

Exclusive Design Drupal Ecommerce Sites from £4000+vat

If you have a limited budget and want to combine the flexibility of the Drupal CMS, Drupal Commerce and a bespoke design, an Exclusive Design Drupal Ecommerce Site is the choice for you. Combining the flexibility of your own design, site structure and functionality, you can build your business on the Drupal platform in a scalable and cost effective manner.

Why Choose an Exclusive Drupal Ecommerce Site?

Exclusive Design Drupal Ecommerce Sites are perfect for a business with a limited budget that wants to expand online and impose its own identity. The flexibility with the design approach provides your with more options over the Foundation site approach, improving the user experience and ultimately, sales.

Magento 2

Magento is one of the most trusted OpenSource ecommerce platforms in the world, if you shop online, you will have bought through the Magento platform. As an OpenSource platform, you are protected and have the flexibility to move developers or bring the web site in house should you wish. Magento is all-encompassing, you can do virtually anything currently available today through the platform. It is the world’s leading enterprise level platform, ideal established businesses that are looking to grow significantly.

Foundation Magento Sites from £6000+vat

Our Foundation Magento web sites are built on our own coded and design Magento templates. These are relatively quick to build as a lot of the background design and code has already been developed by us. The Foundation Magento sites provide a good foundation for future development of features and functions. All code is maintained in-house using best-practice techniques, allowing for new functions and security updates to be rolled out quickly.

The Foundation Magento sites provide you with all of the functionality that the system has to offer, full flexibility from seo to accounts integration. Magento is a big system built for businesses that want to grow.

Why Choose a Foundation Magento Site?

The Foundation Magento web sites are perfect for a business that wants the full functionality of the Magento system without the costs of a bespoke design. If you want to avoid the fees of the likes of Shopify, these sites are perfect for you. As these are not completely bespoke designs, there could be some additional costs depending on any new modules/functions/features that are required (these would be factored into the cost following an initial Brief)

Bespoke Design Magento Sites from £12000+vat

The look, feel and experience of your website will be designed by Gold Coast Media as a result of an initial Brief provided by you, followed up with multiple conversations between yourselves and Gold Coast Media in order to initially create wireframes before moving on to full mock-ups, leading to a completely bespoke e-commerce site, 100% designed and developed in-house.

At every stage (wireframe, final mockups and functionality) the designs get sign off from you. Because of the design process, all required modules, functions and features can be incorporated into the design from the outset. All code is maintained in-house using best-practice techniques, allowing for new functions and security updates to be rolled out quickly. Why Choose a Bespoke Magento Site?

A bespoke Magento site is ideal if you are an established online business and are already using Magento or would like to switch to a system that is more flexible and powerful than any other OpenSource platform. Gold Coast Media are specialists in bespoke Magento design, we have been building Magento web sites for over 10 years and that experience counts. If you are looking to move to Magento 2 with a new design or just keeping your existing design, please feel free to call us

If you have a query or project in mind, drop by. The coffee's always on or give us a call on 07530 075454