Magento Web Designers

Magento is enterprise grade ecommerce software that gives you easy shop management tools and encourges your online commerce to flourish.


We show you how to take control of your ecommerce and take advantage of it to maximimise conversions. We provide everything you need to get going with Magento including;

  • Setup, configuration and installation
  • Unique templates, designs and themes
  • Performance optimisation to make your shop fly
  • We show you how to take control of your ecommerce and take advantage of it to maximimise conversions

If you are looking to sell products or services online through a shopping cart website, then you need an ecommerce website design. Gold Coast Media are experts in designing, developing and deploying the perfect ecommerce website, and when you choose Gold Coast Media, you get an ecommerce website that is built around your design brief, your business and reflects your approach to business and to your clients.

Magento is an open source ecommerce and content management system, and is the ideal solution for you if you are looking to sell products (physical and digital) or services through an online shop. Magento's power is in its flexibility, simple to use product and stock management tools and the sales reports it produces. Magento is a very popular ecommerce package, being used by a wide variety of well-known businesses and brands across the world, including the likes of The North Face, Nestlé and Olympus. A Magento website design will save you time and money and help your online business thrive.

Magento is coded in PHP and uses a MySQL database for storing details of the products, categories, invoices, customers and the content for your website. A Magento installation offers everything you would expect from a standard content management system such as the ability to create, edit and update site content. This is alongside a powerful customer, stock and product management interface which allows you to easily control all facets of selling products online, including up to the second stock levels, invoice reports, sales reports and abandoned shopping baskets.

Magento Highlights

  • All inclusive platform dedicated to eCommerce
  • Search Engine Optimisation 'friendly'
  • Multiple payment and shipping methods
  • Customer management and email campaigns
  • Open source - we can modify and develop freely with no restrictions or corporate licensing
  • Existing selection of apps and free extensions that reduce development time

As with all modern content management systems, Magento is completely customisable in terms of the look and layout of the site as a whole, as well as per category and, if required, each individual product page can be individually styled. Individual users (ie staff members) can be controlled and assigned from within the Magento backend, with individual permissions if required, allowing a user to only adjust product stock levels, or only submit product descriptions for example.

The site administrator has complete control over each category and individual product, with the ability to set stock levels, product images, description, price, special offers and offer additional services such as gift wrapping.

Adding products with Magento is a simple process with a very clean interface. It is quick and easy to upload product images, prices and stock levels. Providing the description for products and categories is very easy, using a wysiwyg editor that will be familiar to anyone who has used a word processor such as Microsoft Word.

Alongside standard attributes such as price and colour, products in Magento can be assigned custom attributes specific to your products or services, allowing visitors to search by selecting just the attributes they want using a powerful filtering system. This filtering system is supported by a robust and accurate search system which includes the facility to have the search box auto-complete as the visitor starts typing.

It is possible for site administrators to create bespoke promotions and price drops for a specified duration, with Magento automatically highlighting special prices for visitors for the duration of the price reduction. Magento also comes with a built in voucher system, allowing you to offer gift vouchers to your customers simply and reliably.

Magento website hosting with Gold Coast Media means you get more for your money than with many Magento hosts; we don't just install Magento on to our high performing server and then expect you to do the rest. We offer a complete e-commerce web design service, and once your site is designed, we then install Magento for you, creating everything required to get the online shop software running, creating the Magento theme to reflect the look of your website design. We then provide you with all of the support and guidance you need to get your first categories and products listed.

Once your online shop is looking how you want it to and your products are listed, the Gold Coast Media team will always stand by you to provide support, guidance and advice as well as on-going website management to ensure that your website remains fresh, up to date (in terms of technology and design), is user friendly and performs well in search engine results. For more information on the services provided, please visit our Magento Ecommerce Design website GCM Ecommerce where you will find in depth explanations of all aspects of Magento design and developing that we offer.

If you have a query or project in mind, drop by. The coffee's always on or give us a call on 07530 075454