Drupal Websites in Devon

Drupal is a Content Management System designed to make it simple and straightforward for you to create, edit and manage the content of your new website without the need for web-programming skills. Drupal gives you granular control over which changes can and cannot be made by any particular user who is logged in, avoiding any potential issues or pitfalls.


Drupal Website Benefits


  • Simple Interface for you to understand
  • Secure, open source and free to modify for your website's requirements
  • Free-to-use collection of additional modules and plugins

If you cannot - or do not want to - get involved with languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript, a Drupal website is perfect for your needs. You still retain absolute control over what content is available on your website and it is quick and easy for you to make any amendments, without the requirement of any technical knowledge.

The built in text editor will be familiar to you if you have used a word processor such as Microsoft Word, making it simple for you to make content-rich web pages quickly and simply, you'll be enjoying it in next to no time.

Creating your website for Drupal is a little more complicated than designing a static HTML site, sometimes taking a little longer to build, but generally the trade-off will be ease of use for you and thanks to the simple updates that Drupal allows, it is more likely that your website will rank well in search engine results, as search engines such as Google encourage relatively regular website updates, providing fresh and new content.

Log in, Make Changes

Once the initial design is in place and you have been provided with a username and password, you simply log in to add as much content as you need. Updating the content on a page is as quick as hitting save with amendments being submitted in real time, instantaneously updating on the page for visitors. The Gold Coast Media team will always make themselves available to you in order to make sure you are completely comfortable with using your new Drupal website.

Automatic Revisions and Simple Rollbacks

All page content in your Drupal website is stored in a database such as MySQL, meaning that there are no static pages, instead everything is built dynamically as it is needed, by calling the data from the database. This means that should you accidentally delete something you wish you hadn't, it is simple to roll back to before you made the change.

There are a huge number of addons (named modules) available for Drupal to extend what your site can do. These include modules for slideshows, complex web forms, forums, backup, SEO tools and automatic sitemap generators. Gold Coast Media will install any modules for your website which would be of benefit or that you request to be included.

Integrating Drupal and Magento

If you have a Magento website, you will know how fantastic this ultra powerful ecommerce platform is, but how frustrating the integrated CMS platform is. At Gold Coast Media, we have seamlessly integrated the Magento and Drupal platforms together so that you get the huge power of Magento combined with the beauty of Drupal as a CMS platform. We believe that both Drupal and Magento are the world leaders in their respective fields, by combining them into one, you get everything together. If you are interested in a Drupal Magento combined web site, please do not hesitate to contact Gold Coast Media.

Why You Should Choose Drupal

Gold Coast Media recommends you choose a Drupal website if you are looking to regularly update your website yourself. It is a simple system to learn, and over time, you will be able to increase the level of control over the entire system as you learn, until you are at a stage your are comfortable with or you are completely controlling the entire website - should you so desire. Once your Drupal website has been created, we won't just leave you to figure it out, Gold Coast Media staff will be able to support you at every step, we aim to help you to get to grips with the "backend" user interface and help you learn to create and publish new articles.

If you have a query or project in mind, drop by. The coffee's always on or give us a call on 07530 075454