The web is the market place of the modern world and if you sell a product or service and don't have an effective web presence, you and your business will be left behind.


E-commerce Overview


  • Bespoke CMS systems
  • Fully Flexible Payment Systems
  • Easy To Use and Add Products and Categories
  • Fully Optimisable
  • Flexible Navigation systems
  • Potential Joint Venture Partnerships

Offering a fully flexible e-commerce system that allows you to add products, change prices and optimise pages is one of the fundamental services offfered by Gold Coast Media. The preferred system selected by Gold Coast Media is Magento, this package allows you full flexibility from instantly changing a navigational structure, to creating, editing and deleting products as well as allowing you to create instantaneous offers on your products. Gold Coast Media also provide full bespoke e-commerce system design and construction should you have specific requirements that cannot be met under a standard e-commerce template.

The benefits of having an e-commerce system that allows you to put your products on the web in an instant are undeniable. The level of trade that goes through the web is constantly increasing at a significant rate, if you don't have an online shopping cart system, your business will miss out on a great opportunity to grow and become more profitable. E-commerce systems and shopping carts provided by Devon web design company Gold Coast Media allow you to sell on the web in a cost effective manner.

Gold Coast Media has a proven track record in creating bespoke e-commerce systems from scratch that include full web site design, on site search engine optimisation, creation of a fully flexible and easy to use back end system and delivering help and support with creating an e-commerce system that converts visitors into sales. The web site itself will be designed to your specifications and requirements, with Gold Coast Media always taking a lead from you as the client, resulting in a website that looks and performance how you need it to. The back end systems are designed to be fully flexible, in order to allow you to easily upload new products, select appropriate categories, view important on site optimisation metrics, sales figures, abandoned shopping carts and incorporate a variety of payment structures.

If you are looking for a web site with an e-commerce system and shopping cart incorporated, please call Gold Coast Media on 07530 075454 for a no obligation quote and an informal discussion. If this is a new venture for you, Gold Coast Media will help identify market potential, the competitive nature of the market and the likely profitability of the market. There is no hard sell and Gold Coast Media will always tell you if we think that the market is too competitive or potentially unprofitable. Gold Coast Media also provides opportunity for joint venture partnerships whereby we will design and build your system as a joint venture partner. Call Gold Coast Media now to discuss your options.

If you have a query or project in mind, drop by. The coffee's always on or give us a call on 07530 075454