User Experience Improvements

We have all seen the term user experience but what does it actually mean? People are often heard discussing how frustrating a website can be, whilst others are so effective and a pleasure to use. However when discussing user experience, not that many people can actually define . At it's core, this is the user 'the person using the device that interacts with your web site', viewing and navigating through the website. This encompasses the user having a clear understanding of how their needs are being met through a clear and consistent message that is easily found.

Whilst user experience has become synonymous with web design and the progressive development of the internet, we believe that a great user experience should be applied to all services and product experiences. As an example: when purchasing a new toothbrush, how easy is it to open the packaging? Need we say more!

So when it comes to user experience design for the web, we like to cover every aspect that influences how a user feels when participating in the use of a product or service via their interaction with a device.

As an example, consider the effectiveness and purpose of your site: How relevant is the content? Do the images and the written content provide all the information necessary?

Usability refers to how easy is it for a user to navigate around a website, considering such things as good and clear {CTA's} call to actions. The accessibility of information must be considered, this refers to all content be made available for all. Trust also plays into the user experience, is the site credible, is it secure and how can a user confirm this easily through visible representation.

From start to finish, at Gold Coast Media, we work in collaboration with our clients improving and enhancing user experience. Gold Coast Media offers a full user experience review service for all types of web sites. These include e-commerce, travel and tourism and service based web sites covering all aspects of the user experience including, where applicable, the purchasing process, the navigational structure, calls to action and the contact process. If you feel that your web site under performs, call us no for a no obligation quote for a full user experience review.

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