Devon Web Development

The technologies and languages used to make your website

When you choose Gold Coast Media for your website design, you benefit from a team who keep up to date with current technologies and programming languages used in web developement. Your website will be built using a combination of technologies which are best suited to your design brief and requirements. This ensures that your website meets your requirements and design ideas as well as appealing to visitors and search engines. In turn, you will see better rankings in search engine results and more conversions of visitors to your website into new customers for your business.

During the development process of your website, you will see a range of skills and techniques being utilised, including web programming languages such as XHTML, PHP and JavaScript, along with the knowledge and application of Content Management Systems, database structures, ecommerce packages and website hosting.


Your bespoke website developed using the best technologies

The team at Gold Coast Media will discuss with you what your website needs to achieve and how you would like to have the website updated through on-going long term website management. Your bespoke website will then be developed through the use of some of the best technologies and software packages available in order to meet your requirements.


Web Development with Gold Coast Media


  • Current technologies
  • The best software suited to you
  • Secure packages with long term support

Your Website - Your Content

Your website will be developed from scratch using the latest technologies and languages, including XHTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript and jQuery. If your website is going to be more dynamic, seeing regular updates, additional content and blog entries being added, it will be built within a Content Management System that is best suited to you, determined through conversation with Gold Coast Media.

Additonally, should you be selling products or services online and require an online shop, your website will be developed using Magento, one of the most powerful and popular open source ecommerce packages.

Gold Coast Media only selects mature and well supported open source software packages with developed and active communities. Open source community-developed software is advantageous due to the community being involved in development and bug fixing meaning there is no opportunity for malicious code or exploits to be added to the underlying code.

You will be fully supported and kept up to date throughout the web development process and the outcome will be a responsive and efficient website that has been developed to perform well in search engine results for maximum traffic and customer conversions.

The technical team at Gold Coast Media has knowledge and experience in working with the technical side of web development and hosting, including XHTML/CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, PHP, Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, Python and Perl. Database administration is performed in MySQL and SQLite environments. So whatever type of website your company needs, the team at Gold Coast Media will be able to help you by providing expert knowledge, ideas and support to you and your staff.

If you have a query or project in mind, drop by. The coffee's always on or give us a call on 07530 075454