G S Haydon

The G S Haydon website reflects the ethos and history of one of the oldest established joinery companies in Devon. The G S Haydon business was established in 1926 and thrives to the day, providing specialist joinery and carpentry service for custom and bespoke joinery across the south west. The attention to detail as well as the skills from the master craftsman employed at G S Haydon is reflected in the design and build of the website. The need to emphasise that the products provided by G S Haydon are of the finest quality, using traditional skills and are handmade, was pre-eminent in the design of this new Drupal CMS website. The clean and uncluttered look as well as crisp and relevant images, easy-to-use navigation that allows clients to access information on products that are made, was a primary consideration in the design process.

The G S Haydon website is built in Drupal and is quite an extensive site with a popular blog that has many followers, people who are not only interested in products, but also the traditional process and craft required to produce the products in the first place. This reflects the heritage that G S Haydon has, a reputation for quality that has been built over many years and has resulted in an extensive customer base, where quality and craft are the primary drivers of the purchasing process. This message is reflected in the design, the need to impress the heritage and the ethos on new visitors is clear with some beautiful images and information provided by the team at G S Haydon.

Not only did Gold Coast Media work on the website design and build as discussed above, we were also commissioned to create a fresh logo for G S Haydon & Son. After receiving a design brief detailing a desired outcome from the directors and master craftsmen at G S Haydon, the process started with an on-site visit from both our designer and developer,

So why the site visit? Our designers like to have a good understanding of the business they need to represent, whilst communicating effectively to their audience. This way, we were able to converse with the company in their own environment, asking questions in a kind of fact finding way and getting a real understanding of the business, whilst at the same time visually researching on-site. This provided us with a tangible understanding of the business through which we were able to start work on their new logo and eventually provide them with a successful logo coinciding with the launch of their new site. 

We are very pleased with the services Gold Coast Media provides. They have put together two web sites for us. On each occasion they worked with us to create something tailored to our needs and are always on hand to help with any issues. Our current web site has proved an excellent evolution and is helping us reach new clients while showcasing our work more effectively. We highly recommend Gold Coast Media.

Mr G Haydon

Owner, G S Haydon & Son Ltd

If you have a query or project in mind, drop by. The coffee's always on or give us a call on 07530 075454