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MODx Currency Converter

MODx Currency Converter Thumbnail

Convert over 150 different currencies in MODx using the latest exchange rates.

MODx Varnish Purge

MODx Varnish Purge Thumbnail

Purge Varnish cached pages automatically when a user updates their MODx pages or clears the MODx cache.

MODx Weather

MODx Weather Thumbnail

Display weather forecasts from around the globe in MODx. This extension uses the World Weather Online API to retrieve weather data.

User Information

User Information Thumbnail

Useful information including your IP address, web browser and operating system.

MODx Beautify XHTML

MODx Beautify XHTML Thumbnail

Output clean and 'beautified' XHTML source code in MODx.

Password Generator

Password Generator Thumbnail

Generate strong random passwords with this automated generation tool.

MODx BrowserServe

MODx BrowserServe Thumbnail

Serve different CSS, JS and snippets in MODx for people using certain browsers.

Page Speed Test

Page Speed Test Thumbnail

Test a websites page speed for efficiency with this Google API tool.