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Do you need to learn the latest methods of online marketing from a company that has built a reputation in this area? Do you need to improve hits, conversions, sales and profitability without an ongoing cost? Do you need someone who can guide you through the best seo software on the market to help you manage your site? Gold coast Media can offer you consultancy from as little as two hours to help you to grow your sales and profits.

Consultancy Benefits

  • Learn How To Do SEO
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Develop In House Online Marketing Specialists
  • Effective Keyword Research
  • On Site SEO Techniques
  • How To Find The Priority Links
  • Continuous SEO Learning

Why search engine optimisation consultancy?

Many clients find that consultancy is actually a cost effective means for promoting their own businesses, especially for medium sized businesses that want to control their own optimisation and develop their own plans without having a contractual agreement for seo services.

What does the consultancy entail?

Our consultancy services basically shows you how to manage your own seo campaign from the word go. We show you the processes for developing your own search engine marketing plans and how to implement your ideas and turn them into higher search engine rankings. Below is a summary of what we will generally cover, the minimum time allowed is two hours to cover the basics and we generally spend a good day with a client!

The consultancy generally follows the following formats and is tailored entirely towards your site, you will learn techniques that you would never find on the web or dream of implementing.

Keyword Research

This is the most important part of any seo campaign and virtually always the one area that business owners completely over look. After our consultancy, you will really undertsand the need for keyword research and more importantly, how to do it effeectively and develop a plan from it! You would probably be stunned at high volume keyword strings that relate to your industry where the competition is weak, we never fail to find them!

SEO Plans

The keyword research will naturally lead into a plan. There is no point in starting seo unless you have a clear and understandable plan with objectives, targets and roles. By carrying out keyword research, you can identify which keyword strings you should target from the home page, current internal pages and 'to be developed' internal pages. We have had many clients who have seen hits multiply by creating relevant internal pages dedicated towards well researched keyword strings.

On the 10th March I spent 1 day consultancy with Ed. "Holiday cottages in Devon" - featured my site on page 7 of Google. Today 26th March "Holiday cottages in Devon" - features my site on page 2 of Google. Need I say more?

Mark Singer from Beaconside

SEO Rankings

You can't plan to move forward unless you know where you are and where you've come from! How to develop an effective search engine ranking profile. The correct tools to use, search engines to target and the keyword strings to check against. For any plan to work, you need a baseline and regularly checking and assessing ranking positions using seo technologies is the easiest way to track progress.

Fantastic results first time round, would highly recommend Gold Coast Media, feel free to call for a reference, just follow Ed's advice and you can't go wrong.

Sean Pricthard from Zleeps

The consultancy generally follows the following formats and is tailored entirely towards your site, you will learn techniques that you would never find on the web or dream of implementing.

On Site SEO

How to optimise pages for the search engines. We operate within the guidelines and show you how to optimise pages using on site optimisation techniques so that they become second nature to you and your team. This is not hard, it's not brain surgery and once you know what really works, it becomes really easy. SEO techniques have one clear goal, to promote one or a small number of keywords within a web page such that they are deemed more important to the search engines than other keywords on that page. The techniques are simple and we provide you with the methodology for staying within the guidelines to promote each page on your website.

General Website Construction

ow to alter your website to make it easier for the search engine spiders to crawl. Minor changes that could significantly improve your online sales and how to improve your navigation. We recently advised a client about their website's template and how a small change could have a significant affect on sales, this one change lead to sales increasing 100% almost overnight and it was really simple. Advice on what should and shouldn't be in the code for a web page, avoiding javascript and keeping Flash to a minimum, looking at code to text ratios and getting as much code into CSS as possible. We can also advise on source ordered code, how to get the text above the "code bloat" so that the “bad practice” due to the limitations and inaccessible code they used. CSS is encouraged not only by website developers, but also by search engines such as Google and Bing, whose search engine spiders hit the juicy bits first.

Off Site SEO

Off site seo generally refers to link building, by far the most important component of any seo campaign and the most difficult. How to get links into your site with your keyword strings as the link text. What to look for and what to avoid and how we get our clients to the top of the search engines. We always look for relevancy when link building, why? Because that is what the search engines look for and we will advise on the best strategies for your company. There are so many myths about link building, some of which are completely untrue. For example, many purportedly seo experts will claim that reciprocal link building is rubbish. We have several clients at the top of the rankings purely on reciprocal link building, how and why is what we'll tell you!

Developing your seo skills and knowledge

There is a mass of information on the web relating to seo but you have to be careful and have an open mind when reading this research. We'll point you in the direction of the best websites and forums for progressing your own personal seo skills and databases of information. What to look for and how to test the advice that you are given. We don't claim to know the insides of the google search engine algorithms, if we did, we'd be billionaires but we can point you in the right directions for developing your own skills in this area!

If you would like to employ us as search engine optimisation consultants, please contact Gold Coast Media on 01271 815024, or by email at We are always busy in this area and there is generally a waiting list but we have never had a disatisfied client! We will teach you how to get your website performing for your business and you should view our consultancy as an investment like any other. Our current charges are £90 per hour for on site consultancy and £45 per hour for travelling to a clients base. We are more than happy to come to you and teach one or more members of your staff about search engine marketing.

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