Chief Rentals works with GCM on new Motorhome Venture

Feb 14

Chief Rentals is a Torquay based rental company that have just launched a new division targeting motorhome hire in Devon, with a new website that provides information on the full range of motor homes available.

Targeting a new market is always risky, as is any new venture, and having worked with Chief Rentals on other projects, Gold Coast Media were approached for a fixed period term to help promote the new website and division online. By increasing the profile of the business and increasing the number of visitors to the website, the aim is for gold Coast Media to help to get this new venture off to a flying start.

Providing help with the design and user experience of the web site, as well as optimising code and meta information is part of the process that helps to improve the authority of the site. Creating a great user experience is key, from unique content on all pages to ensuring that there are calls to action where relevant, all lead to improved rates of interaction with potential clients.

Creating a new website for a new venture is a key component in any new business model. Ensuring that the new web site provides a useful tool to visitors, answers key questions and sells your product or service well is vital for success. If you are looking for help in developing a new website for a new business, why not call Gold Coast Media on 01271 815024 to see how we can help you.

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