Mobile Web Design

Mobile Web Design

Get a quality, fast and helpful mobile version of your website.

The amount of people using mobile devices to browse the web is growing exponentially and as a result, you could be losing out on sales if your website does not perform well or look good on mobile devices.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile Website Design Techniques

Mobile First
Websites designed and created from scratch with mobile devices in mind
Simplified Mobile Website
The cost-effective addon to compliment your current site

What is a Mobile Website?

Essentially, a mobile website is a site which displays correctly on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile websites tend to fall under one of two categories: "Mobile First" and "Simplified Mobile Sites".

Mobile First Design

A "mobile First" responsive website is a site which is designed from the outset to cater for mobile devices. Often, they will feature only those items which are most important to visitors and use styling that is structured to work efficiently and correctly on mobile devices. As screen real-estate increases (say to 7 inch or 10 inch tablets) additional features are made available in order of visitor-usage priority.

"Mobile first" website design is a relatively new concept, and is bourne from an ever increasing numbers of mobile devices available on the market. For this reason, the majority of current websites either do not have the capability to "respond" to screen sizes, have been redesigned in order to incorporate responsive capabilities or the rely on a Simplified Mobile Site.

Simplified Mobile Site

Simplified Mobile Sites take a slightly different approach, in that a visitor is automatically taken to a sub-section of the main website, specifically for mobile device visitors. It too features only the most important and used tools and features of the main website. Simplified Mobile Sites often come as addition to a current website and are a simple and cost-effective way of providing a mobile-dedicated version of your website.

Responsive Web Design

On top of both types of mobile website design, there is a factor known as "Responsive Web Design". This technique takes into account the screen size of the device - whether that is a mobile phone, tablet of desktop computer - and rearranges and resizes the content to fit in the most appropriate manner. This even works if you were to resize your web browser window now - it happens in "real time". Originally a forerunner of Mobile First, Responsive Web Design now works in conjunction with both Mobile First and Simplified Mobile Sites to provide the optimal browsing experience for all devices.

Whether you opt for a Mobile First or Simplified Mobile Site will depend partly on whether you are adding this to your existing website or you are having your website built from scratch, the type of visitor your business appeals to (i.e. PC or mobile device users) and also which type of mobile website you would prefer - if you are not sure, the web development team at Gold Coast Media in Devon will talk you through the decision process, so contact us or call on 01271 815024.

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