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Robust cloud email service so you are always in touch with your customers

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Get up and running within seconds. Our email automatically configures for:

  • Windows Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Mac Mail
  • Evolution
  • and more...

Email Hosting Benefits

  • Guided installation and configuration
  • No limits on the number of email addresses
  • Secure and fast email servers
  • Complete support when you need it
  • Work with a dedicated team

As a part of our Devon web hosting service, Gold Coast Media provides you with a complete email hosting package, providing IMAP, POP and webmail access to your emails, meaning you can access them wherever and whenever you need - your email is now in the cloud...

We don’t stipulate how many email accounts you can have and we don’t limit your storage space. As with every service Gold Coast Media provides, we won’t just set you up and leave you out in the cold; we offer unrivalled support for setting you up with your email access and making sure you can access your emails wherever you are 24/7, whether you have your laptop, tablet, mobile phone or you are in an internet café.

Your privacy and security is paramount when it comes to the Gold Coast Media servers, and all of your emails can be fully encrypted. We utilise a robust, cloud-based email backup system, so should you accidentally delete an email, it will be quickly recoverable and back in your inbox as soon as possible.

We fully support any email client you use including Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, and Windows Live Mail, with installation and setup guides should you wish to complete it yourself, of course, we will offer complete support to ensure your email client is set up correctly. If you use our email client of choice, Mozilla Thunderbird, your settings will automatically be downloaded from the cloud and you will have access to your email within seconds.

In order to provide you with the best possible uptime and performance, Gold Coast media runs separate servers for websites and email. This allows us to tailor each server for optimal speed and deliver you the best possible system uptime.

Our email servers are configured to automatically check all of your incoming and outgoing mail for viruses and mark potential spam emails accordingly. This way, you can be sure that all mail gets through to you safely, and allows you to create your own additional rules for spam collection and deletion.

Our open source based system provides you with all types of access including IMAP POP and webmail. Our webmail package ensures that wherever you are, you can always check your email through any browser without having to remember the email settings. We will provide you with a simple to remember URL to access your email in the cloud, by logging in with your email address and password.

When you choose to host your website with Gold Coast Media, your email addresses will automatically be created for you, providing you with all of the accounts you need with randomly generated secure passwords (changeable at any time).

Get in touch now, and talk to Gold Coast Media about hosting your email and website on a reliable, fast and secure server. With Gold Coast Media, you will receive an honest and balanced assessment of your business needs, and will be recommended services which would be of a benefit to you. You will never be pushed or be on the end of hard selling tactics, if we don't think you would benefit from a service, we won't try and convince you to sign up.

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