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PHP Developers

Gold Coast Media creates and develops a range of applications and systems in the PHP scripting language. Whether our website requires developing something from scratch, or you need the Gold Coast Media team to extend a setup, enhance an existing feature or add some form of additional functionality, the team are always available to help.

PHP Highlights

  • Popular with lots of readily available support.
  • Platform independant - used by the vast majority of hosting companies freeing your application/website from any one eco-system.
  • Cross-platform - not restricted to a certain set of technologies or systems.
  • Open source - free from licensing fees and restrictions.
  • Used by the some of the most popular websites and applications on the planet.
  • Readable and understandable to less-experienced developers when coded correctly.
  • Low barrier of entry to new developers.

The Devon web design team at Gold Coast Media also work with a lot of popular and proven frameworks in order to provide you with a website quickly, whilst maintaining rigorous testing, performance and efficiency. If you need a PHP developer, for your website, get in touch now.

What is PHP?

PHP is an interpreted scripting language that is commonly used for website development. PHP stands for "PHP Hypertext Preprocessor" and dates back to 1995, making it a mature 'language' that focuses primarily on the web. It provides 'glue' like functionality that makes it easy to interact with databases and process the output for dynamic driven websites. Similar to a programming language, it allows logic to be applied and as a server-side technology, is suitable for storing credentials and providing common requirements such as e-commerce, blogs and other data driven websites.

Why PHP?

PHP is highly geared towards the web from its root and due to this, has a vast array of functions to achieve a lot of common problems that arise during website development.

PHP is widely used in a lot of different scenarios as a solution at the enterprise level right down to a simple personal home page. Being a highly popular language, support is extremely vibrant online and a lot of common questions have already been asked and answered. It is also an open source technology that is easy to extend and view by the public and other professionals in the industry.

Another strength (as well as being free) is that it is not bound to a particular platform freeing you of specific technological environments that can incur licensing fees. It also makes your website more reliable and it is easy to deploy across a large range of different systems should you need to move it, as the vast majority of hosting providers will have PHP functionality available regardless of their hosting environment.

Due to the accessibility and popularity of PHP a lot of frameworks and systems such as Wordpress, Drupal, Magento and MODx (to name a few) also utilise the language.

We recommend PHP to be used as a primary server-side scripting language for your website. With clean, efficient and readable code your application will be available to you both now and in the future, with maintainability and further alterations being easy to come by.

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