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(X)HTML Markup Design Services

We take designs and graphics and hand craft them into real websites.

If you have had a website designed graphically the next step is to turn it into a real website. This involves writing/coding 'markup', something we love and do completely by hand with elegance! Whether you need a template, static website or a design for a new or existing system, let us know!

  • HTML5 and XHTML
  • Clean and maintainable.
  • Standards compliant.
  • Hand crafted and consistent.
  • Cross browser/platform compatible.
XHTML Markup

Professional Markup

Gold Coast Media uses Extensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML) and HTML5 as the foundation for building our websites. XHTML forces documents to follow strict practices which it inherits from its XML parent, leading to consistent and well formed web pages across all of the websites we develop.

Most of our websites are defined and made as XHTML 1.0 Strict or HTML5. This helps to ensure adherence to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards which we support and encourage. Complying to web standards means your website has cross-platform/browser compatibility (as much as possible) making your website highly available and true to the spirit of an open and accessible web.

Did you know you can see the markup of the website you are visiting? When you are on a website right click the page and select 'View Page Source' or the equivalent.

What is (X)HTML?

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a markup language that is used by the majority of websites and browsers to display web pages. HTML pages are text based documents that consist of markup tags used to make elements that represent and describe the structure and semantics of a web page.

Example HTML:

<p>This is a paragraph. The following is an <strong>ordered list</strong></p> 
	<li>List item 1</li>
	<li>List item 2</li>
	<li>and so on...</li>

As (X)HTML is used to describe the content, structure and meaning of a page, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are most commonly used to present and 'style' it.

Web browsers (clients) use (X)HTML markup to interpret and determine how to render and present a website to the user. For this reason different browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) display websites differently and can contain their own quirks.

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