MODx Content Management System

We use MODx to provide flexible and powerful content management system for our clients.

Our MODx Services Include:

  • Web Design / Development
  • Templates
  • Extras, Extensions and Addon Development
  • Installation, setup and management
  • Hosting, including server optimisation to make MODx websites fly

We work with the MODx CMS to deliver flexible content management that gives you the power to take control of your website. Even with years of experience we still love MODx, its a rarity to have a CMS that provides powerful yet easy tools for both users and developers alike. It is one of our main Content Managment solutions (along with Drupal and Wordpress).

We also develop MODx extensions to give your website additional functionality; most of which are public and freely available via the MODx Package Manager. Some of our extensions include Currency Converter, Weather Forecast and XHTML Beautifier. A lot of extensions are also available to solve common problems which considerably speeds up development time.

With MODx You Can:

  • Build and manage websites of all sizes!
  • Create and update pages easily in a structured hierarchy
  • Upload and manage media such as images and galleries
  • Manage multiple (MODx) websites from one place.
  • Robust User management and access control for admins, editors or any other needs.
  • Control your SEO
  • Update information throughout the entire site instantly (such as telephone numbers)
  • Utilise thousands of free extensions
  • Revert any and all changes
MODx Manager UI

What is MODx?

MODx is an open source `Content Management Framework` available to everyone for free with no licensing required. It lets you create and manage content on your website easily whilst being a powerful platform for both designers and developers as well. As MODx does not impose restrictions on what is outputted it is a great system that we recommend for SEO.

A MODx installation is blank and only has core functionality. This is a great benefit as we can cater the system to specific needs right from the start without any unnecessary features that can bloat and slow down a system.

As a modular framework that is open source, we can extend the functionality of MODx using its well documented API. This allows us to provide extra pages and features such as booking systems, photo galleries, guestbooks, forms and so on.

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