Content Management

Content Management

Content Management

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you to take control of your website and its development. A CMS provides you with the means to make basic and fundamental changes to your website easily, including editing copy, changing pictures, changing meta information and of course, adding new content.

CMS Benfits

  • Control Your Website Easily
  • Popular Open Source Platforms
  • Wordpress, MODx, Magento, Drupal and More
  • Develop Your Website and Progress Your Online Presence
  • Create New Pages with Ease
  • Take Control of Your Web Site

Gold Coast Media provides both design and development services for Content Management Systems. As well as designing templates for popular open source systems such as MODx, Drupal, Wordpress and Magento, Gold Coast Media also develop and extend these systems when it is necessary to meet your specific requirements and web design criteria. In addition, your website can also be built on a fully bespoke system when necessary.

Web sites designed by Devon web developers Gold Coast Media utilise these powerful frameworks in order to empower you as our client to continously progress your website. With this level of flexibility and freedom, you can considerably cut down on maintainence and update-related work as it can be done in-house, by you, instead of paying web developers to do it for you. Empowering you with ability to expand on your website also allows you to take responsibility of your web presence and control its growth exactly when you need to.

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MODx, Drupal and Magento Development

Open Source Web Platforms

As the Gold Coast Media team both recommends and uses proven open source platforms, as our client, you benefit from unrivalled levels of support, familiarity, ease of use, good documentation, lots of publically accessible and popular plugins, freedom, and of course, affordability. As content management systems are completely open and free from expensive or restrictive licenses, Gold Coast Media has the benefit of being able to incorporate far more technology into existing systems. This also allows us to see how things work transparently and to also apply patches and security fixes thanks to the millions of people world wide who, like us, keep a close eye on the source code and strive to continously progress the technology.

WYSIWYG Editor Tools
What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor Tools

If you need a web site that is easy to maintain and uses a customised CMS that allows you the freedom to go wherever you want, call Gold Coast Media on 01271 815024 for a no obligation quote and informal discussion. Gold Coast Media can provide a bespoke CMS that allows you to add content, improve functionality, easily change navigation structures and develop a web site that is dynamic, optimised and fulfills your requirements and design brief.

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