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Beaconside House   2013

Beaconside House

The previous website for Beaconside House was outdated, in need of modernisation in order to bring it up todate and make the site display well on mobiles devices. There was also a need to streamline the content and make it easy for the owner to add new pages and content as and when required.

In order to simplify the process, the web development team at Gold Coast Media recommended the Drupal content management system, as not only is it simple for anybody to update content, it is also perfectly suited to use for mobile-friendly websites, and can be made to look and perform well on all sized screens, from small mobile devices through to large desktop screens.

Because of the complexity of the content and structure of the website's content, there are a few custom-coded extras available for the Beaconside House site, including an easy to use announcements plugin allowing the owner to add and edit a homepage "Call to Action" and a process to submit testimonials which automatically populates and updates the archive for visitors to read.

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