Why Marketing a Niche Product or Service is More Effective than Generic Marketing.

Why Marketing a Niche Product or Service is More Effective than Generic Marketing.

Feb 14

By Edwin Hall

This article looks at marketing, the thorn in many a business owner's side and the one element that is vital to the success of a business. Marketing is also typically the one element that business owners don't understand or really don't like doing!

For the prupose of this blog post, we are going to look at two different marketing strategies, one that we have used and one for an external site that is based locally, but offers a niche service to an industry that is vital to our local economy.

GCM Ecommerce

The first service is our new site www.gcmecommerce.co.uk that has just been launched and targets clients that are looking to purchase the services of specialist Magento web site designers. Magento is an ecommerce platform, it is Open Source so anyone can download and start using the basic platform for free. It is also probably the most popular ecommerce system in the world to power shopping cart-based websites - there are claims that around 25% of the world's ecommerce sites use Magento. It is highly scalable, very easy to use and administer, and allows business owners to create categories and sub categories, and add products to a website with ease whilst also combining a huge range of functionality.

Nothing in life is that easy and building a bespoke website in Magento takes a great deal of skill and experience. There are a finite number of Magento design agencies in the UK that are capable of coding, developing, hosting and designing with Magento. We love it though and it now represents a significant part of our business. Our new site targets potential clients looking for experienced Magento web designers, the colour theme, navigation and content all stick to the same topic. The site isn't designed to appeal to anyone looking for an ecommerce web site, it is designed to appeal to someone who has already made the decision to use Magento and is looking for a design agency with the right skillset for them.

By combining a design, content, navigation and aesthetics that target a specific niche, the site should instantly appeal to the right client, more so than competitors' websites. It tells a potential client that you understand your service thoroughly, that you are capable of creating a site that is complex and that you have a solution to their problem.

My Holiday Marketing

My Holiday Marketing was chosen as it offers a fully integrated holiday cottage letting and marketing service. Holiday cottages are big business in North Devon, but this business stands out within its niche because it is more than just a letting agent, the team cover the entire marketing process for you and tie this in with letting your holiday cottages.

By employing an agency that incorporates both marketing an letting within a niche, you are really killing two birds with one stone. My holiday Marketing build a holiday cottage website, incorporate the online booking system, photograph the property themselves, write the copy for the website and will visit the property several times. This transposes over to their service as letting agents. They know the property inside out, can answer questions placed by potential tourists and therefore improve booking rates, return ratios and profit levels.

Marketing a property within such a competitive industry is a highly skilled job. If you try to do it as an individual, it will be a time consuming task and offloading this task to a professional agency that understands their niche is probably going to be a more profitable exercise for many holiday cottage owners.

Niche Marketing is a Great solution

The conlusion then, is that niche marketing is often very effective for business owners. Sometimes it may pay to market just one specific area of your own business and do it well, especially if it is growing and highly profitable. You may also need to consider that in competitive industries, allowing an agency that is a leading company within the specific niche is probably going to be a more optimal solution for your business than trying to do it yourself. Niche marketing can and does work, split your business into distinct areas and try marketing your most important niche!

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