Investacast new Drupal website from Gold Coast Media

Investacast new Drupal website from Gold Coast Media

Dec 14

By Edwin Hall

Investacast has a new web site built in the latest verion of Drupal, designed by Tiger Plum and coded by Gold Coast Media. Investacast is a leading investment casting manufacturer based near Ilfracombe that offers both UK investment casting solutions as well as outsourced investment casting through a range of partners world wide.

We inherited an old site with a very complex navigation and structure where new pages had been added on to the site historically, such that the site structure had to be re-designed into something a lot simpler to create an improved user experience. The new site creates this experience by having a simple navigation structure that allows users to move about the site with ease. The site also boasts responsive design incorporating a mobile design and new mobile navigation system. From simple breadcrumbing to multiple methods to access related pages, having an improved navigation helps potential clients to convert.

The new Investacast site also splits the primary target markets of the UK investment casting services and the outsourced worldwide investment casting services. It also provides a section for technical questions, relating process comparisons, surface finishes, designing and developing products that require these processes.

Investacast supplies a wide range of industries from automotive and aerospace to the electronics industry. They have a team of qualified and experienced engineers that have years of experience in the investment casting industry as well as access to the latest in CAD systems and other related technologies. Why not have a look at the new Investacast website yourself at

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