Why Sites That Provide The Full Product Details Sell More

Why Sites That Provide The Full Product Details Sell More

Mar 14

By Edwin Hall

In this article, we are going to look at helping potential clients to help themselves and when they help themselves to your products, they buy more. It may seem simple, but providing full information from colours, materials, sizes and prices for every product on your site, will improve your conversion rates. For this post, we are going to look at how https://www.shirt-printers.co.uk/ have created a site where every aspect of the personalised clothing can be selected in the ordering process.

The A4 Shirt Printers site was chosen because it stands out in the very competitive t-shirt printing industry as the one site that allows a client to view, choose and order a product utilising a huge range of options. The navigation to reach the desired product is simple, with a categorised left hand side vertical menu showing categories dropping into sub categories. The centre of the home page has image and text links to primary products with prices. Take for example the A4 Hooded Tops image, it shows the product with a simple 'Price From' attribute so that you understand what you are clicking onto.

When you reach the category page, you then have the option of sorting by pre-defined sub categories defined by style of clothing, or by clicking onto a product list. This is all fairly generic and how it should be for an e-commerce site but it is when you click into a product that the options and simplistic navigation show you how clever the site really is. It's simple, choose your colour, choose your sizes and then choose your personalised customisation.

A standard hoodie might have up to 20 different colours, having a wider range of colours provides a greater chance that you might be meeting a clients needs, more is better in this case. After choosing a colour, you have the size option. In the real world, we are all different shapes and sizes and the attributes here allow you to choose alternative sizes with different quantities for each size. How many other sites do that? Finally, you choose the personalisation. You can have your own logo for your club, group or business in a range of places on the hoodie, but rarely do you get the option to choose the exact location for the personalisation so that you know exactly what you are buying.

After choosing the location of your personalisation for your hoodie, you can then add text, have it printed or embroidered and upload your own artwork, all in one simple process that provides you with full control over the order. The upshot is that as a client, you have the full control over all aspects and the wide range of products with attributes such as fabric types, weight, sizes and availability means that you know what you are getting.

How many times have you tried to buy a product from a site and then abandoned your basket because you don't feel comfortable that the product fits your requirements. If your site suffers from a high rate of abandoned carts, have a look at the process that a client has to undertake to place an order, keep it simple but ensure that every attribute that a product has can be chosen in the ordering process. I always say to our clients, put yourself in the position of a potential client, does your shopping cart really work that well and how can you improve it!

Many thanks to the A4 Shirt Printer site for allowing us to undertake this review and for understanding their client needs better than most!

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