The Cool Icebox Company commissioned Gold Coast Media to design and create a new, modern ecommerce site based on Magento

The Cool Icebox Company commissioned Gold Coast Media to design and create a new, modern ecommerce site based on Magento

Aug 14

By Laurie Mustafic

The Cool Icebox Company, based in North Devon, contacted our ecommerce development team at Gold Coast Media, looking for advice and a quote for developing a new and improved online shop for their large and bespoke range of Cool Boxes.

Having looked through the current site and spoken with the team at The Coolice Box Company, we recommended Magento as the framework, as it offers a powerful stock control, administration area, product tracking and content management system.

Due to the Company's current situation, product levels and requirements, the web development team here at Gold Coast Media developed two bespoke spreadsheets that allowed the staff to generate a complete product list with stock levels and prices and easily import it into Magento, giving them an always-up-to-date stock level before the new site went live. The second spreadsheet provided a complex set of delivery rules and prices for the worldwide shipping requirements of The Cool Icebox Company.

The new website development was taken care of completely by Gold Coast Media in North Devon. The initial design mockups were created by our in-house design team, with communication going back and forth between the companies until The Cool Icebox Company were happy with the finialised design scheme.

Once the main design had been signed off, our design team got to work creating mockups for three different sized screens; desktop, tablet and mobile phone, in order to provide an example of how the website would look on different devices, ensuring the branding and style was prevalent at all times.

At this point, our inhouse developers built a bespoke Magento theme based on the mockups on a private development server, with access provided to The Cool Icebox Company, in order for them to watch the progression of the development and have access to the administration area of Magento, in order for receive tutorials, guides and lessons on how to use the new, powerful system.

The new Magento theme for The Cool Icebox has been designed to reflect the style of the Company, whilst remaining modern, with cues taken from current and new trends, providing an excellent and straight forward experience for visitors. The theme is what's known as a "responsive design", meaning that the site will reformat and adjust in order to fit the different sized screens, from widescreen desktop monitors, down to the smallest mobile phone screen, always providing a comfortable and easy to use experience.

The new Cool Icebox Company website when live in the middle of August 2014 and can be viewed at If you are considering a bespoke Magento theme, contact us today for a advice, further information or simply a chat about possible ideas.

At Gold Coast Media, we don't just design and develop bespoke websites; from our very first meeting, we go the extra mile to ensure that not only are you happy with the way your website looks and works, but also that you are happy to update, amend and add new information and content. We will always be available to offer support and guidance, whether that be in person, over the phone or with valuable video and written guides personalised for your website. We will design your website to be future-proof and simple to use for both visitors and you and your staff.

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