About Gold Coast Media

Gold Coast Media in North Devon, has evolved into the current position as one of the leading Drupal and Magento web site design and coding companies in the South West. Managing small and large CMS and integrated ecommerce systems with a skill set that has evolved to incoporate design, hosting and complex ecommerce coding, Gold Coast Media has positioned itself as a leading solution provider working with a range of local and national clients.

The Past

Gold Coast Media was established in 2006 as an affordable Search Engine Optimisation solution by Dr. Edwin Hall. After creating his own website and investigating how to make it successfully perform well within search engines, he realised the potential for other businesses to do the same. Since 2006 we have improved conversions and online visibility for businesses in a variety of industries and have also produced SEO professionals from our consultancy and training services. After studying economics for pretty much a lifetime and going on to work with a large corporate company, the need to run a business that was dynamic, interesting and challenging lead Ed naturally towards seo. In the PhD thesis, Principal Component Analysis was used to develop an algorithm that created a numeric value from quantitative and qualitative data, this is pretty much the same thing that Google does when presenting you with search results, thus, a passion for seo was born.

The Present

Gold Coast Media can now provide you with a whole host of services from web site hosting and page load optimisation, to web site design integrated ecommerce solutions. By increasing the scope of the services that we are able to provide at a high quality level, as our client, you benefit from better optimised sites that get targeted traffic and generate sales. We currently host our clients on our own virtual private servers and use the most extensive and in-depth seo software available in order to offer you the most cost effective and efficient service available. Our emphasis is on providing a high quality and cost effective solution to you, one that is profitable for you as well as for us. We are selective in the projects that we undertake; we won't take a project on if we don't believe that it will be a success and we always analyse the current market, competition and profitability before accepting a new client. 

The Future

Every good company should have a direction and a vision. It is the goal of Gold Coast Media to become one of the leading web design agencies in the South West. By employing people that are genuinely passionate about their work and utilising the best and most efficient software and tools, we aim to achieve this position through organic growth. Our name is our brand, by providing the highest quality of service to our clients, we have grown organically, we continue to grow and we see no limitations to this growth. Our company has grown significantly since its inception, as has our portfolio of designs and clients. We always strive to improve our own knowledge, technologies and capabilities.